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Odorless Holding Tank Treatment, EZ Pack

Same great odor elimination in an easy to use, quick dissolving pack! 100% biodegradable. (2.5 lbs.)


List Price: $15.49

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                                                               Parts #  83-1808



Walex Bio-Pak™ Holding Tank Deodorizer

Just drop it into the holding tank and it starts working immediately to control odor and break down solids into liquid. Also liquefies paper, eliminating the need for special toilet paper. Safe for septic tanks and ensures pipes, valves and seals work trouble-free.
(1 lb.)

 List Price: $13.39

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Parts # 83-1779



Walex Porta-Pak™ Deodorizer, Lavender

Porta-Pak Lavender is the same great product that Walex has always offered in the original blue Porta-Pak, but now in a Lavender fragrance.
 (10PK per bag)

List Price: $11.99

Take Off 20%

Parts # 83-1744


Thetford Drain Valve Lubricant   

Prevents sticky valves, restores smooth operation, and coats plumbing lines for consistent tank outflow. 100% biodegradable. (24 fl. oz.)


List Price: $7.49

Take Off 20%

Parts # 83-1638 



Thetford Toilet Seal Lubricant & Conditioner

Non-petroleum, silicone based formula penetrates and coats seal for smooth operation. Extends toilet seal life and helps prevent sticking. Safe on toilets and holding tank seals.  (24 fl. oz.)

 List Price: $8.39

Take Off 20%

Parts # 83-1665 


Elemonate™ Grey Water Rapid Dissolve Tablet    

Just drop a rapid dissolve tablet into your grey water holding tank to deodorize and freshen your sink and drain lines. Dissolves grease and sludge, cleans sensors and is safe on equipment, valves and seals. Convenient zipper bag and refreshing lemon scent. (5 tablets)

List Price: $8.69

Take Off 20%

Parts # 83-1708


Thetford Grey Water Odor Control

100% biodegradable, non-staining formula with pleasant floral scent. Eliminates gray water odors. Prevents grease build-up and won't damage seals. (24 fl. oz.)

List Price: $7.19

Take Off 20%

Parts # 83-1637



Thetford Storage Deodorant

This hard-working formula cleans tank residue, lubricates seals and is compatible with antifreeze.
Controls orders up to 6 months.
(3PK - 8 oz. bottles)

List Price: $11.79

Take Off 20%

Parts # 24818

CP Products Toilet Tissue

Soft, strong and absorbent, this high quality tissue dissolves fast and flushes easily in all types of RV and marine toilets.  (4PK - 2 ply)

List Price: $3.19

Take Off 20%

Parts # 25965


Unique Natural Products Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator

Ready to use formula cleans up tough stains and eliminates pet odors in a hurry! Safe to use around your family and pets. (24 fl. oz.)

List Price: $9.99

Take Off 20%

Parts # 21574



Unique Natural Products RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment
Maintains and deodorizes while destroying odor causing pollutants. Digests all brands of toilet paper and liquifies solid waste in your holding tank. Contains no formaldehyde.  (32 fl. oz.)

List Price: $10.70

Take Off 20%

Parts # 21362



TruVision Premium Wiper Blades - Now 20% Off Our Regular Prices!

Our TruVision Premium Wiper Blades are high quality, long lasting and fit all popular RV brands. Take 20% off these wiper blades with prices ranging from $15.79 to $42.09. Sizes available include:

Class C - 16", 18", 22"
Class A - 20", 22"
Class A - 18", 20"
Class A - 22", 24", 26", 28", 32"

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RV Step Rugs - Now 15% Off Our Regular Prices!

Designed to fit most size RV steps, manual and automatic. Assorted colors and sizes available. Take 15% off these prices:

18" wide - $10.99
23" wide - $19.49
22" wide - $20.49

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